Come child, run inside, can’t you see the light is fading
Oh, don’t cry with those weary eyes, don’t you know tomorrow’s another day?
I can see you counting down the hours, love,
Well, I guess some things will change…

From here we can see the pines, and the buildings taking shape,
We can only stay a little while, why’s it always gotta be this way?
I can see you counting the down the hours, still,
Hey, my love for you remains…

One day when you’re far away, will you still feel that ache?
When you’re in a different place, will there still be a trace?
Will you be counting down the hours, love?
Will you remember the shape?
Will you remember my face?

Come child, run inside, can you see the light it’s fading away?
Follow your longing heart… I promise it’ll lead to where you’re safe,
And I’ll be counting down the hours, love,
Until we meet again…
Until our hearts can rest…