About Blaise

Blaise Alleyne is a technologist, musician, writer, activist, husband and father of three living in Toronto, Canada. He has completed a bachelor's degree in computer science, English and philosophy at the University of Toronto and a Master of Theological Studies at Regis College, at the University of Toronto.

Blaise is interested in finding unity behind diversity at the intersection of culture and technology.


Blaise is a web developer, system administrator and technology consultant. He's contributed to free software projects, such as NateOffice and the Creative Commons Drupal Module, and was a Google Summer of Code participant in 2009. Blaise is a graduate of the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science, an active participant in the free software community, a founding member of LibrePlanet Ontario and a speaker at conferences like FSOSS. He's an advocate for free software and free culture.


Blaise writes and performs as a solo songwriter, accompanies other songwriters as a violinist and multi-instrumentalist sideman, and arranges strings for popular music through the Apeiron Strings Collective and the Hart House Chamber Strings. He has also written and performed with his band, Fishkiss.


Blaise has contributed to Techdirt, Roots Music Canada, the University of Toronto Students for Life blog and blaise.ca/blog, among other places. He has given presentations for organizations such as the Society of Internet Professionals, the National Campus Life Network, and the Free Software and Open Source Symposium.


Blaise completed a Bachelor of Science degree at St. Michael's College, University of Toronto in June 2009, with a major in computer science, and minors in English and philosophy. In 2019, he completed a Master of Theological Studies at Regis College, University of Toronto, and has also taken several courses through the Theology of the Body Institute. He attended De La Salle College "Oaklands", and is a student in the Chang School at Ryerson University. See individual.utoronto.ca/balleyne.


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