Blaise Alleyne with Dave Borins Band

Music Projects

As a violinist and a multi-instrumentalist, I’ve had the opportunity to collaboration with a wide variety of musicians.

Blaise Alleyne with Dave Borins at the Cameron House
I’ve been playing with the Dave Borins band on violin since 2008. We’ve played across Ontario, and I went on tour with Dave Borins to Halifax and back in 2012. These days, you can catch us at a Cameron House residency.

Blaise Alleyne with Darrelle London
I’ve performed on violin, guitar, ukulele and keyboard with Darrelle London since we had the opportunity to play Lilith Fair in 2010. I’ve toured with Darrelle across Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, and performed live on television and radio for local and national broadcasts.

Blaise Alleyne performing with Mike Celia
I’ve been playing violin with Mike Celia since 2010. We performed at the Mariposa Folk Festival in 2011, and have played together across Toronto.

In the Yard With Mike Celia from CeliaFan on Vimeo.

Mike Celia – “Way Down” with the Hart House Chamber Strings from Stedfast Media on Vimeo.

I also perform as a solo songwriter, and arrange strings for popular music.

Dave Borins
Darrelle London
Mike Celia
Apeiron Strings
Dave Borins
Mike Celia
Darrelle London
Dave Borins
Darrelle London

Past Projects

Blaise Alleyne with Fishkiss
Fishkiss was a Toronto-area folk rock band, fronted by a songwriting duo. This was my first songwriting project.

Blaise Alleyne with Robyn Dell'Unto
I played violin for Robyn Dell’Unto for a few years across Ontario, and she has been a strong influence on my music.

Blaise Alleyne with the Hart House Chamber Strings
For 10 years, I was the artistic director for the Hart House Chamber Strings Pops Concert. I also played double bass with the ensemble from 2005-2010, and viola from 2010-2015.

Blaise Alleyne with Alanna J Brown
I had the opportunity to collaborate with one of my favourite songwriters, Alanna J Brown, in a variety of ways: as a sideman, composing string arrangements for performance and recording, and I even had a chance to appear in one of her music videos.

I joined The MacHams on violin and bass guitar, and collaborated with them through the Hart House Chamber Strings.

Gavin Slate is one of my favourite songwriters. I had the chance to collaborate with him on string arrangements, and join him a few times on violin.

Blaise Alleyne with Mandippal


… and many more

Robyn Dell'Unto
Jadea Kelly
Chamber Strings