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Lyrics In a minute, I’ll be there;I’ll make it worth the wait.So rest your head and mind,Sleep and forget time,Say you’re always mine and I’ll be there. You know, you’re gorgeous in this light…And the reflections in your eyesSummon me to lifeTo celebrate your smile,To witness the beauty of your […]

Starsinthesky (ESA/Hubble)


HHCS Pops Concert 2016 Lyrics Stay where you are, eastward from here.I will find you, even if it takes years.I can see you ’til I open my eyes;There was a time when we stood side by side… And all the stars aligned as you stepped outsideAnd I could see for […]



Lyrics Come child, run inside, can’t you see the light is fadingOh, don’t cry with those weary eyes, don’t you know tomorrow’s another day?I can see you counting down the hours, love,Well, I guess some things will change… From here we can see the pines, and the buildings taking shape,We […]


The Limit

Lyrics Verse 1 I need to begin.Show me the way to come in,To live, love and realizeWhat I am in your eyes. One moment you are here;Another, you’ve disappeared.I reach out and try to findStability outside the line. Pre-Chorus Breathe you out and breathe you in again;Breathe out, so I […]

View from Old Schoolhouse, Kentallen, Highlands

Everything I Want to See

Lyrics Can you see the way you move me?I wonder if you see right through me…Do you notice when my eyes are alight? Fly me up above the mountains,Bring me down under the ocean;Lead me to a place where I can belong. You could be the one to save me.Maybe […]

walking on a pier

Walk Away

Lyrics What if it happened another way?I was standing beside you everyday,But I’ve only discovered, in a way,What it means to have confidence in fate. I didn’t even know your name,Your smile, your embrace,And I’ve only discovered, in a way,How much I wish that you would stay. Why do you […]