The Limit

Live 2009.03.25


Verse 1

I need to begin.
Show me the way to come in,
To live, love and realize
What I am in your eyes.

One moment you are here;
Another, you’ve disappeared.
I reach out and try to find
Stability outside the line.


Breathe you out and breathe you in again;Breathe out, so I can breathe you in
I can’t find a way to keep you in.Hold you in

Verse 2

Hold me in your embrace.
Will I ever feel this again?
I’m whole, and I belong,
But for how long?

So reach outside and say to me
Whatever makes you feel free.
The danger doesn’t bother me;
I approach the limit with ease!


I am in excess!
I calculate the limit,
So I can brace for it.
Tell me I am wrong.
Will I ever know?
I am in excess…


I am in excess.
I’m staring down the limit,
So I can challenge it.

I am in excess.
I’m reaching for the limit…