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GSoC 2009 Wrap Up: Creative Commons Drupal Module

This post originally appeared on the CC Labs Blog

This past year was my last at the University of Toronto, making this summer my last chance to participate in the Google Summer of Code. I searched hard for a project and mentor organization that would suit my interests, and when I noticed that the Creative Commons Drupal module was in need of some developer love, I knew exactly what I wanted to spend my summer doing. With John Doig as my CC mentor, and Kevin Reynen (the module’s maintainer and initial author) as an unofficial Drupal mentor, I’ve been privileged to have spent the past few months updating and extending the module.

A couple years ago, development for Drupal 4.7 was begun, but it was never quite completed. CC Lite came to be the reliable choice for Drupal 6. However, CC Lite’s scope is limited — it allows you to attach a license to content in Drupal, but that’s about it. The main CC module’s vision is broader — to fully integrate CC technology with the Drupal platform — and I hope I’ve helped to realize that just a little.

Some of the module’s features:

  • it uses the CC API for license selection and information (so, for example, when new license versions are released, they become available on your Drupal site automatically)
  • you can set a site-wide default license/jurisdictoin, and user’s can set their own default license/jurisdiction
  • ccREL metadata is supported, output in RDFa (and, optionally, RDF/XML for legacy systems)
  • supports CC0, along with the 6 standard licenses and the Public Domain Certification tool
  • you can control which licenses and metadata fields are available to users
  • basic support for the Views API has been added (including a default /creativecommons view)
  • there’s a CC site search option

The module is still listed as a beta release, as some folks have been submitting bug fixes and patches over the past few weeks, though it’s quite usable. Special thanks to Turadg Aleahmad, who’s helped with a lot of the recent bug fixes towards the end of the GSoC term, and committed to being active in future development. If you’re into Drupal development, we could use help with testing, and any translations would be greatly appreciated too.

Right now, the focus is on getting to a stable release, but we’ve got lots of ideas for the future too. Thanks to John and Kevin for their support through the summer, and to Turadg for his recent help. I look forward to seeing the module put to good use!

Check it out!

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Google Summer of Code: Moving Toward Version 1.0

My Google Summer of Code project is divided into two phases: updating and then upgrading the Creative Commons Drupal module. The module was largely abandoned as it was being developed Drupal 4.7.x, and now Drupal 6.x is the current series (with 7.x under development). The first phase is to update for Drupal 6.x and complete existing features; the second phase is to expand its functionality.

I’ve got the module running in Drupal 6.x, and now I’m chasing down bugs, cleaning up the user interface and polishing up existing features. Development snapshots are available on the project page, updated nightly. I’m pushing for a 6.x-1.0 release (or at least a beta) in the next couple weeks, ahead of midterm evaluations (July 6-13).

In Phase II, I’ll focus on new features for 6.x-2.0 — search integration, licence detection, language localization.

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Google Summer of Code: Creative Commons Drupal Module

A few weeks ago, I started my Google Summer of Code project with the Creative Commons. My proposal to update the CC Drupal module was accepted back in April, and over the last six weeks I’ve been getting my bearings. Kevin Reynen from Denver Open Media, the project’s maintainer, has given me CVS access and maintainer status at, and John Doig, my mentor, has been providing me with some guidance around design decisions so far. The Department of Computer Science at UofT has provided me with some great lab space for the summer along with other interns and students working on independent projects.

May 23 was the coding start date. I’ve been off to a slow start, but just made my first commits over the last few days. For now, I’m working on porting this module to the latest version of Drupal. There’s a CC Lite module that already exists. It’s functionality is basic, but I’m using that as a reference. In the next few weeks, I should have the module working and fairly easy to use (the UI needs some cleanup). Then, onto some cooler things: I’m going to be investigating some more advanced features, like automatic licence detection using liblicense or integration with other modules, like Flickr or Search. I’m not sure how many of these features will be feasible, but the goal is to at least lay the groundwork so that they can be implemented beyond this summer.

I plan to use the module myself for a few sites, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue development beyond the summer. More updates coming as more progress is made…

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