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Another reason to hate Rogers – when your service provider begins messing with your content

Last week, Rogers began experimenting with something called deep packet inspection to insert their own content into web pages that its users view. They began by displaying some users’ account statuses when they visited Google. [Source:] This is wrong for a variety of reasons. The information may (or may […]

MPAA University toolkit for combatting “piracy” violates copyright laws

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) recently released software which it urged some of America’s largest universities to employ in order to monitor their networks for unauthorized file sharing. Not only do the universities not owe the MPAA anything, but the toolkit was found by security specialists to raise […]


I am blogging about this only because the delivery was hilarious (and because it’s true): Do you love the music of Daft Punk? Perhaps you hate it. Whatever your feelings on their music, we all know it’s better without Kanye West shouting pointlessly over the top. Er, actually, we meant […]