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Home Media Server – Introduction

I have recently embarked on a project to build my own home media server, a PVR which would be accessible to any computer or television in my house, that not only makes live and recorded television easily accessible, but that also hopefully serves up other content (such as music, photos, games), and hopefully something which could be accessed remotely (e.g. from my laptop with an internet connection outside the house).

The irony is that I hate television. With a passion.

However, the project has still somehow captured my interest. It’s a way to put some of my technical knowledge to practical use. Also, part of the project’s purpose is to come up with a relatively simple and inexpensive setup that a computer hobbyist (ie. not an expert, but an enthusiast) could adopt on their own, something that some of my friends and family may be able to set up by themselves, or with a little bit of assistance. At the very least, it promises to be a learning experience regardless of whether or not I succeed.
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