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Life — Imagine the Potential

This post originally appeared on the UofT Students for Life blog.

I’m not usually a fan of any pro-life arguments that focus on potentiality, because it tends to obscure the fact that from the moment of conception we’re dealing with actual life (and just potential growth)… but that caveat aside, this new ad from is amazing (via AmP):

This is the second ad they’ve produced (here’s the first). Can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

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Abortion is not a solution to child poverty

Michelle Dewar from Ottawa writes that the abortion debate ignores the impact on child poverty. She’s guilty of a greater ignorance — assuming what needs to be proven. Really, it seems as if every even seemingly coherent pro-choice argument falls into one of Klusendorf’s five bad ways to argue about abortion.

Those who advocate against abortion are proposing that every year another 100,000 babies be brought into this world…

Dewar assumes that aborted babies have yet to be “brought into this world,” despite the fact that the procedure on behalf of which she advocates is required to remove them from this world. At the very least, one must understand that the debate hinges on the question of “what is the unborn?” If the unborn is not human, no justification for abortion is necessary, but if the unborn is human, no justification for abortion is adequate.

Is the unborn human? How can Dewar claim that the aborted have never existed? As terrible as child poverty is, we wouldn’t “solve” it by killing children. If the unborn are human, how is abortion a solution? How can the question be ignored?

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Google sued by Christian group for denying abortion ad

Google is being sued by the Christian Institute in the UK for denying the group’s advertisement. The group wanted to place an ad on the keyword “abortion”, but apparently Google’s current policy “does not permit the advertisement of websites that contain ‘abortion and religion-related content’.” The Christian Institute is claiming that Google is violating the Equality Act 2006 by discriminating against religious groups.

The ad itself doesn’t seem to be offensive or deceptive. It would have read: “UK abortion law – news and views on abortion from the Christian Institute.

This seems odd to me based on Google’s usually unbiased policies. It usually prides itself on being a service provider and being indifferent to the content it’s providing. Granted, this is an advertisement as opposed to a search result, but it still strikes me as a little odd, especially since the policy is so sweeping (‘abortion and religion-related content’ – no requirement for it to be offensive or deceptive at all).

Does this policy make any sense? What if it were the other way around?

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