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Understanding exponential growth

Understanding exponential growth is a prerequisite to understanding the pandemic. I’ve had many conversations about the public health response to COVID-19 over the past year. Setting aside more extreme conspiracy thinking, I’m increasingly convinced that most of the non-conspiracy skepticism of public health measures comes down to misunderstanding exponentials. People […]

White House January 6

Reverse engineering the intellectual anti-patterns of conspiracy thinking

Refuting conspiracy theory arguments is exhausting. It’s like battling an army of orcs or white walkers. It’s not very hard to take down any given individual, but they just keep coming. It’s a pattern of overwhelming, and these arguments are almost always smokescreens for the true beliefs — and the […]

Complex Systems are not always Common Sense: Some Computer Science Thoughts on COVID-19

Since the start of the pandemic, many people have questioned the lockdowns, the emergency measures and overall government response. Especially after the curve was flattened in Canada, even more people question whether the measures are still necessary, or whether the goalposts are shifting. This defies common sense, the critique goes. […]