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Google Desktop for Linux!

Yesterday, Google released a (beta) version of Google Desktop for Linux. Check out their blog for the announcement! It includes indexing for PDF, PS, text files and source code, HTML, OpenOffice documents, Thunderbird email, Gmail, web history, man pages, images, music, and it also includes the Quick Search box. It […]

Interview with Sister Judith Zoebelein

Sister Judith Zoebelein is the nun who launched the Vatican website, and has been working on it since 1995 (read more here). I found this interview on Robert Scoble’s blog and thought it was quite interesting. I think that even the slightly absurd questions provide her with an interesting opportunity […]

Home Media Server – Introduction

I have recently embarked on a project to build my own home media server, a PVR which would be accessible to any computer or television in my house, that not only makes live and recorded television easily accessible, but that also hopefully serves up other content (such as music, photos, […]

Why Linux

One of the main purposes of setting up this blog is to document my Linux experience. Using Linux, you learn very quickly that internet forums and tech blogs are your friends. Most of the time, a search on any problems your having will return a ton of assistance from […]

Hello world!

And so it begins. I have finally caved and decided to set up a blog for several reasons. Several seemingly unrelated reasons. I think the tipping point was really when I installed Ubuntu on my laptop; the number of useful tutorials I was able to find on linux user blogs […]