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Hacked By MuhmadEmad

Hello world!

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  1. Jack Palmer says:

    Hello —

    I teach student teachers about teaching in a Catholic school. Would love to share this with them??

    • Yeah, please!

      I’m not a teacher, but my wife is a Catholic school teacher. I was helping her set up a new classroom today, and we talked through the prayer table setup. I was thinking that, if I did have a classroom, I’d be spreading the religious icons around the classroom, in an integrated way, underlying everything — like an authentic religious sense — rather than quarantining religion as something “over there” in the corner. Like, having stations of the cross around the classroom or something. Better yet, if there are a handful of religious icons or symbols throughout the class, being able to reference each one at a different point through the year as part of a lesson somewhere… making something that was perhaps ignored or taken for granted suddenly come to life and acquire meaning… making something that was always there, in plain sight, finally be noticed… which is what religious experience is actually like, noticing something at a deeper level that was always there — not visiting the corner occasionally!

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