MySpace friend requests from bands

I don’t have a personal MySpace account, but I maintain one for my band. We get so many friend requests from other bands that I’ve developed about a thirty second routine to deal with each request.

I’m sorry, but if I can’t download your music or you’re not from around here, you’re just simply not going to get any of my time. Unless, maybe, a friend whose musical taste I trust and rely on has recommended that I listen to your music, I won’t spent more than 30 seconds on your profile.

I just don’t have time. I’m sure you make nice music. But music isn’t something that you evaluate quickly, at least not in any meaningful way. It’s something that’s supposed to grow on you. It’s something you want to try and form a connection with. I don’t owe you anything and I don’t have time to try and form a connection with everyone who makes nice music. And I won’t form a connection with all good musicians either.

If you want me to form a connection to your music, why don’t you let me listen to it? If there was at least one track that was downloadable and I like your music after the first few seconds, its quite likely that I will download the track and put it into my library. It might not get a lot of play time, but maybe it’ll come on one day and strike a chord with me, and I’ll ask myself, “whoa, who is this artist?” Then, you’ve got a new fan.

Also, only because I’m trying to stay involved in the music scene in the GTA, if you’re in the area I’ll make more of an attempt to listen to your music. There’s more of a chance that I could attend a show and get to meet you anyways, so I’ll put in a little bit more time.

But random friend request? No downloadable tunes? Not from around here? Forget it. I’m sure you make nice music, but you’re not winning yourself any new fans.

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