Boycott Trend Micro

Boycott? I’m down.

The proprietary software company Trend Micro has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Barracuda Systems. They claim that Barracuda is violating their patent by distributing the free software antivirus program ClamAV.

Pamela Jones of Groklaw writes:

I think it’s another attempt to attack the FOSS development model and force those using such software to pay the proprietary dudes a tax. That’s the same dream that SCO started with, and Microsoft shares the dream. A lot of proprietary software folks realize the sun is setting on their business model, and they would like a piece of what is replacing it…. If ClamAV is not successfully defended, I think there may be an avalanche of this kind of attack, proprietary vendors looking for some silver to cross their palms from anyone using FOSS software.

More on the story here.

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