Fixing slide show slowdowns in Impress

My mom (who runs Ubuntu 7.10) was having trouble with old PowerPoint presentations in Impress. Her machine would grind to a halt in presentation mode and she was forced to export the presentations as PDFs in order to deliver them.

I investigated the issues and found some help in this thread. A user, Galva, had suggested making these tweaks under Tools->Options in

MEMORY – 30 steps, 128MB, 20 objects, 20MB per object, and remove after an hour
JAVA – Do not use Java
VIEW – Open GL, optimized output, dithering, refresh during interaction and hardware acceleration all ticked.

I had already made those changes to memory and the java runtime environment, but the view settings made a huge difference. The presentations actually run now! Thanks, Galva!

Coincidently, I was checking out the new Ubuntu brainstorm and decided to submit an idea — to optimize the default settings. I find I always make these tweaks on a new install. Unless there’s a really good reason why the settings are the way they are, they ought to be changed. It’s actually third in the office category now! If these tweaks helped you, consider voting for the idea on brainstorm.

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