ThinkPad T61 waking up from sleep in Ubuntu 7.10

I have a ThinkPad T61 (646562U – with Intel GM965 integrated graphics) and I run Ubuntu 7.10 as my main operating system. When I wake from a suspend, my screen is too dark to use. I figured my laptop, which is relatively new, isn’t supported properly yet and just refrained from using the suspend function.

However, I discovered a workaround a few weeks back while reading this review!

The problem that remained is that after it wakes up from sleep mode, the LCD screen is very dark and I’m able to regulate it, unless I… switch to the terminal (CTRL+ALT+F1) and switch back to GUI (CTRL+ALT+F7).

Obviously, it would be nice it was working properly, but this hack is quite simple and effective and does the trick in the meantime.

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