MacBook Air first to be compromised in hacking contest

In a hacking contest pitting Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux against each other, a MacBook Air was the first machine to go down after just two minutes into the second day. The headline is in several places, but I’m linking to Slashdot because comments like these amuse me at 5:30am:

  • Ah, the pride of 0wnership.
  • the sound of a million fanbois as they screamed Nooooooooooooo i sense a disturbance in the reality distortion generator set comments to flamebait and activate the extra moderation modules captain taco
  • Safari browser has massive security hole.

    It’s funny how they turned a huge hole in the Safari browser into a commercial for the Mac Air.

    “Small size, big holes”

  • The Vista machine would have been hacked quicker if it ran faster

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