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Andrew Dubber and Robyn Dell’Unto convince me to get a MySpace profile

I caved. Recently stumbled upon Andrew Dubber’s (excellent) blog. An expert on new music strategies, he admits that his “dislike for [MySpace] borders on the pathological.” Me too!

I begrudgingly agree with Andrew that MySpace is still relevant. Facebook Musician Pages are much better, but the social aspect is not the same. Facebook allows you to connect with other fans, but it doesn’t allow you to connect with other artists in the same way. Musicians are still on MySpace… unfortunately.

Don’t expect much on the profile though. I guess I should upload my music, but I’m going to keep it pretty bare. I’d prefer to interact with people on other platforms, but I’ve decided to at least maintain a personal presence on MySpace (as opposed to using my band’s profile for things).

Also, MySpace acts as a standard gateway of sorts. If I see a list of bands for an upcoming show, I’m more inclined to visit their MySpace profiles quickly than to visit their personal websites. I don’t know if they’ll have music easily accessible on their websites, if they’re websites will just link back to their MySpace profiles… For all of its loathable inconsistency, MySpace still does provide a basic consistent interface and I do admit to looking at MySpace profiles before bothering to look at websites.

Plus, Robyn wants to add me to her Top Friends. How can I resist?

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6 Responses to “Andrew Dubber and Robyn Dell’Unto convince me to get a MySpace profile”

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  3. Andrew Dubber happens to be coming to Hamilton for a talk about all this at Vibewrangler Studio on Aug. 1st.
    905 308 6896 for info or go to facebook

  4. Great — thanks for the heads up!

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