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Nine Inch Nails releases a free EP of music from tour openers

Nine Inch Nails has released free EP with music from the artists who will be supporting them on their “Lights in the Sky” tour this summer.

the EP contains five high quality, DRM-free, fully-tagged MP3 files from a place to bury strangers, does it offend you, yeah?, crystal castles, deerhunter, and nine inch nails. [the] download will also include cover art and a pack of digital extras.

What a great idea to get fans interested in and acquainted with the opening acts! Trent Reznor is winning for a reason.

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2 Responses to “Nine Inch Nails releases a free EP of music from tour openers”

  1. Cliffe says:

    You may be interested in the album I just recently released. It is available free to download. Licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence. This licence lets you use this music for commercial products or make remixes or other derivative works, so long as you give credit to the original artists. Politics Apocalypse is political and subversive post-industrial rock with an interesting mix of classical instruments, guitars, electronic beats, and a small dash of aussie hip-hop. You can download the whole 11 track album at no cost at our website. We are also doing a name your own price CD (starting at cost price). I don’t mean to spam but I am trying to get the word out to those who may be interested.

  2. Cool. Checking it out now!

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