Rogers deliberately disables tracking of roaming charges

Do we really need another reason to hate Rogers? Jack Kapica got a bill for the first half of his trip to Rio, where he was charged for 5,151 kb of data transfer. Guess how much? No, no, guess again. This is Rogers, it needs to be insanely higher than what you think is insanely high.


That’s $46.81 per megabyte. God forbid he watched a video on YouTube during the second half of his trip. He might have to remortgage his house.

Don’t cry yet, it gets worse.

It was my fault, of course. I knew Canadians pay the world’s highest data rates, but I had no idea how much I was incurring while on the road.

So I went to a Rogers store and asked the sales clerk how I could have calculated the charges as they occurred. I expected there to be some website that could tell me what I routinely learn from taxi cabs: a real-time fare update. So where do I look?

I can’t do it, I was told by the sales clerk. It’s not possible.

Why not?

“Because Rogers tells all of its cellphone manufacturers to disable that feature in our cellphones,” he said in a manner that suggested I was the last person to learn this. Perhaps I was.

And why does Rogers do that?

That’s when he dropped the one-word bomb: “Revenue.”

Talk about honesty.

Talk about pure and unadulterated greed.

Evil, evil, evil…

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