Stéphane Dion finds God (fashionable)

I’m not really a fan of any of the political alternatives either, but… common, this is the Liberal Party leader? Michael Coren has an entertaining report from a recent appearance Dion made on his television show.

Within the first 10 minutes of the discussion he made several mentions of God… He was, for example, anxious to “reconcile people with God’s environment” and was committed to the planet “given to us by God…”

So I was rude enough to ask Mr. Dion if he was doing this — sounding religious — because he had been told that the station on which my show appears each night, CTS, was faith-based. Frankly, I expected him to deny, obfuscate or simply lie. It says a great deal about the man’s integrity as well as his innocence that he replied on air with a simple, “This is true.” A pause, then, “I have been told that this is important to the people who watch this show.”


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