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RSS Feeds – I’m about to up the diversity

Over the next few months, I hope to start writing a bit more on a wider variety of subjects. This is just a heads up for anyone subscribed via RSS, in case you don’t care about the Theology of the Body or the latest Ubuntu release, that separate feeds are available for each category. The main cateogires are Technology, Music, Free culture, Personal and Catholic.

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2 Responses to “RSS Feeds – I’m about to up the diversity”

  1. Andrew Louis says:

    Ah, the age old question of how to deal with multiple topics on one’s site. Most people will never subscribe to just a single category but the general feed will be noisy and less attractive to read.

    Blogs just aren’t designed for interesting people 😉

  2. haha very true. Well, I don’t expect it to get *too* much noiser, but we’ll see how things go.

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