Problems with the New Translations of the Psalms…

I’ll be covering the real problems with the new translations in the new few weeks (hint: copyright) but, in the meantime, Ironic Catholic suggests that they aren’t all bad…

The Lord is King; thou shouldst not ever forget it;
     the Lord is King, and he can kick your ass.
He is truly smart and knows lots of things;
     that’s how he got to be God.
Mess not with the Lord, neither shall ye piss him off;
     screw around not with him, for his sense of humour has its limits.
Those who fear the Lord are counted as smart persons;
     but those who do not are as dumb as a box of rocks.
I shall offer such worthy treasures unto thee as long as I shall live,
     and not any mindless, trivial, banal pieces of crap that some would have us consider as valid music.
And if I should fail to keep this promise; thou mayest kick my ass, as referred to in verse one.

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