Computer Repairman Steals Hard Drive, Tries To Charge Company For ‘Retrieving’ Data

This article originally appeared on Techdirt.

It’s widely known that internal staff are the biggest threat to IT security, but what about your computer repairman? After a hard drive was stolen from Real Living Action Realty in Pennsylvania, the company called Kevin Andrew Lutes, who had done repair work for them in the past, to fix the machine. He told them he could retrieve the files, but the owner later called the computer manufacturer and learned that it’s impossible to do this… without the hard drive. Oh, and the police learned that Lutes’ car — computer repair sticker and all — was spotted outside the office on the night of the break-in. When he returned a few days later with the stolen hard drive back inside the computer and tried to charge the company $2000 for the “repair,” Lutes was arrested and charged with theft. You’d think that with potential access to the machine, he could have done something a little more subtle or sinister, but, lucky for the company, their repairman turned out to be a pretty dumb criminal. Someone should let him know that basing a business model on artificial scarcity is a bad idea…

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