Less Well Known Artists Make Use Of Mobile Platforms To Interact With Fans

This post originally appeared on Techdirt.

When talking about the success of musicians adopting business models around the economics we discuss here, people often complain that it “only works for big artists” or “only works for the little guys,” so much so that someone dubbed the exceptionalism as “Masnick’s Law.” I admit that it was easy to feel this way when Trent Reznor launched the Nine Inch Nails iPhone app. How many less well known artists would benefit from (or be able to develop) their own mobile app? Well, a company called Gigdoggy recently launched a mobile “Fanteraction” platform that lets bands easily create mobile websites for their gigs. In a blog post chronicling a show in which the platform was used and promoted, the first artist to play didn’t really push it, but the second artist, Greg (one of the creators), made a point of explaining it to people. Basically, by queueing up each song on the site, an artist is able to provide lyrics and additional information that the audience can access via a mobile device while enjoying the performance. It’s web-based, so it’s accessible from different platforms without the need for downloads (or the risk of getting banned by Apple). Greg was able to get some people interested and following along. One audience member even prompted him when he forgot the lyrics to a verse! The platform is in its early stages, but it’ll be interesting to see how it develops and what people do with it. At the very least, it’s a good illustration that you don’t need to be playing in stadiums to find a use for this sort of thing.

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