Wings – version 0.2

I’ve recorded and uploaded a new song – Wings.

[audio:|titles=Wings (0.2)]

This is the first original tune I’ve recorded using Ardour in Ubuntu Studio (GNU/Linux)! I’m excited (in the geekiest way possible).

I’ve decided that I have no interest in recording albums or EPs or whatever at the moment, so I’m adopting a versioning system for my recordings. This is wings-0.2 (don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything with 0.1). Over the next few months, I hope to share new versions of this (and other songs) as I add more instruments, improve the mix, etc… I think this approach will be faster and more flexible. Expect acoustic recordings first, then full band recordings for most songs, and maybe I’ll “branch” some into remixes (Hydrogen is so cool).

One thing frustrates me though: Why do Amie Street and insist that tracks must belong to albums?

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