NMG Studios - Light

NMG Studios: Light (San Holo cover)

When I first heard the song Light while working one day in the Ryerson SLC Amphitheatre, I instantly became a San Holo fan. I started working on a rock cover back in Spring 2019, but the project sat on the shelf for a while. After the launch of NMG Studios with our My Name is Jonas quarantine cover, I knew this would be one to finish with the kids.

In addition to being another mix for me to try after taking some Recording Revolution courses, this is the first time I’ve used melodic MIDI instruments in Ardour — Yoshimi and amsyth plugins are powering six different parts (as well as the amazing DrumGizmo for the drums). Also, filming outdoors in the urban wilderness was a great physically distanced pandemic activity for the Fall.

NMG Studios is Noah, Mara and Gabriella making music with help from their dad. Here’s our second video:

The Original

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