Turtle Song (Sam Tudor cover)

Turtle Song (Sam Tudor cover)

Northrop Frye says that the lyric poem gets written because some normal activity has been blocked, the normal progression of time, and the poet has to write about that block before returning to the world of time. This Spring, while working on my home studio production, I came across Sam Tudor’s Turtle Song via Southern Souls. And I couldn’t help but think of Frye.

I think about it every day, like this is where it all went wrong. I need to put it back somehow. I need to put it in this song.

Some normal activity was blocked for Sam, and some normal activity was blocked for me. I needed to put it into a song. The lyric attempts the impossible — to stop time — and Sam Tudor succeeded in stopping time for me. So I took a day in June, and recorded a one-man folk rock orchestra cover. Now, I’ve finally had some time to mix the audio and edit video — and I can return to the world of time.

(This also marks the first time I’ve used my cello for recording.)

The Original

Thanks, Sam.

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